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When and Where
  • Online

Learn the basics of what ceramics are, their applications, and how they are made—from the comfort of your location.

Instructor: Carl Frahme, Ph.D., FACerS

Course description

The course is designed for those working in some way with ceramics who need a foundational understanding of ceramic materials, manufacturing, and applications. Beginning with atoms, learn how structure determines the unique properties of ceramic materials, how they are used in applications, and how we manufacture ceramic components.

ACerS Fellow Carl Frahme draws on his long career in ceramics manufacturing and more than four decades experience teaching ceramic engineering concepts to deliver the fundamental concepts you need to do your job better.

Who will benefit?

  • Engineers, especially those unfamiliar with ceramics
  • Plant operators, supervisors, maintenance, QA staff
  • R&D technicians
  • Sales and marketing staff
  • Those new to the ceramic industry

What you'll learn

Introduction to Ceramic Science, Technology, and Manufacturing

5 modules, 27 lessons, 30 hours of instruction

  • Introduction to ceramic science
  • Atoms | Crystals | Microstructure | Structure–property relationships
  • Ceramic manufacturing technology
  • Structure & properties | Raw materials | Compositions | Batching | Forming | Firing | Kilns | Glazes | Glass manufacturing
  • The ceramic industry
  • Traditional ceramics | Advanced ceramics by composition family | Advanced ceramics by property/application | Refractories | Glass | Cement
  • Evaluation and process control
  • Measurement | Statistical process control
  • Challenges, opportunities, and the future

Need to miss a lecture?

All lectures will be recorded, so even if you cannot attend the live lectures, you can still take the course using the recordings. They will be posted after each live lecture and include the very same video and audio content—and personalized instructor feedback.

Students who complete the assignments will receive a certificate of completion.


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